The Annual Conference on Arts and Design 2022 (ACAND2022) is an interdisciplinary conference. Keynote, Featured and Spotlight Speakers will provide a variety of perspectives from different academic and professional backgrounds. Registration for either conference will allow participants to attend sessions in both.

This page provides details of presentations and other programming. For more information about presenters, please visit the Speakers page.

Conference Outline

Thursday, July 21,2022:Friday, July 22, 2022Saturday, July 23, 2022

Sunday, July 24, 2022

13:00–17:00: Cultural Walking Tour (Optional)

13:00–16:00:Pre-Conference-Workshop Session

17:00-18:00: Conference Welcome Reception

10:00–12:00: Plenary Session 1

12:00–13:15: Lunch Break

13:15–14:45: Plenary Session 2

14:45–15:00: Break

15:00–16:30: Poster & Workshop Sessions

09:30-11:10:Parallel Session 1

11:10-11:25: Coffee Break

11:25-12:40:Parallel Session 2

12:40-13:40: Lunch Break

13:40-15:20:Parallel Session 3

15:20-15:35: Coffee Break

15:35-17:15:Parallel Session 4

09:30-11:10: Parallel Session 1

11:10-11:25: Coffee Break

11:25-12:40: Parallel Session 2

12:40-13:40: Lunch Break

13:40-15:20: Parallel Session 3

15:20-15:35: Coffee Break

15:35-17:15: Parallel Session 4

17:15-17:30: Conference Closing Session

Featured Presentations

Conference Programme

The draft version of the Conference Programme will be available online on June 20, 2022. All registered delegates will be notified of this publication by email.

*Please be aware that the above schedule may be subject to change.

Important Information Emails

All registered attendees will receive an Important Information email and updates in the run-up to the conference. Please check your email inbox for something from "". If you can not find these emails in your normal inbox, it is worth checking in your spam or junk mail folders as many programs filter out emails this way. If these did end up in one of these folders, please add the address to your acceptable senders' folder by whatever method your email program can do this.

Pre-Recorded Virtual Presentations

A number of presenters have submitted pre-recorded virtual video presentations. We encourage you to watch these presentations and provide feedback through the video comments. A full list of these is on the conference website.

Virtual Video Presentations